Hello there! I am multidisciplinary artist based Barcelona, working as freelance illustrator and with almost ten years of agency and studio experience, as a graphic designer.

My work relies on my designer knowledge and my artistic capabilities. I passionately focus on capturing light, color and vibrance through detailed mixed media illustrations and paintings. Though subjects may vary, culinary references are a very important part of my body of work and life. Growing up, my house was ablaze with gastronomy, arts and crafts and classic films. I believe this is the reason I paint about food and write about cinema on my other blog.

If you are wondering how can we collaborate, I can help you with illustrations, editorial projects or print design, so feel free to contact me for commissions, collaborations or just to say hello!


Previous clients I have worked for
Abertis, Affinity Advance, Ajuntament de Barcelona, B.Braun, Blog de cine, Caixabank, Cassandra 21, COVB, Disney, Fanhunter Editions, FIBAlumni, Fundació Factor Humà, FC Barcelona, Mahou San Miguel, Mattel, Novartis, Planeta De Agostini, Ros Roca Environment, Sanrio, Universal, Volkswagen, Women'Secret.

Featured work in
Doodlewash, FPO, TopDesign Mag, Design Your Way.

Classic Film Writing
Some posts I cherish from my cinema blog:

  • HIDDEN TREASURES from "It's a Wonderful Life" (In English and Spanish).
  • Architecture and Alfred Hitchcock (In Spanish).
  • Psychoanalysis and Film Noir (In English and Spanish).

Some posts I wrote for Blog de cine:

  • On McCarthyism and Hollywood's blacklists | El mccarthismo o la caza de brujas en Hollywood (In Spanish).
  • On The Hays Code and Hollywood's censorship | El código Hays o la autocensura de Hollywood (In Spanish).
  • On Frank Capra's film IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT | Sucedió una noche de Frank Capra (In Spanish).

Radio interventions
For Cadena SER:

  • On McCarthyism and Hollywood's blacklists | Cine: Caça de bruixes. Trumbo (In Catalan).

Private Commissions & Where to Purchase
If you're interested in my illustrations and wish to commission a new work, please contact me directly at miriam.figueras.c@gmail.com and I'll be happy to put together an estimate. Open and limited edition prints are available on my online shop!

More questions on my work?
Check my FAQ page or contact me directly.

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