It all started when...

I decided to transform my passion for food and gastronomy, which implies constantly seeking for beautiful culinary creations and artists that really inspire me as an illustrator to depict their work. My goal with this project is to improve my capacities, share my influences and help create a bridge between food and art. 

I have made sure also, that all the work illustrated has the consent of the owner and I will update the project regularly.




I discovered Maître Choux by chef Joakim Prat through their Instagram handle and I was completely mesmerized. Located in London, the "first and only choux pastry specialist patisserie in the world" as they assert on their website, has certainly a gorgeous display of choux pastry creations like none I had seen before. An admirer of French patisserie, I couldn't help to be amazed by the imagination and visual appeal. My favorite was their Red Love Eclair, raspberry at its glory!

Illustration of Maître Choux's Red Love Eclair.

Illustration of Maître Choux's Red Love Eclair.