Hello! My name is Miriam and I am a freelance illustrator and designer based in Barcelona who has a passion for gastronomy and who, quite inevitably, focuses on food illustrations. Growing up in a somewhat gourmande household, I learnt to love and respect cooking before I could walk. Now, I create genuine mixed media lifestyle and food illustrations with a focus on color, texture and vibrancy. By doing this, I aim to share my appreciation for food and to pay tribute to the products that conform it in the way that I know best, through art.
I hope you enjoy my work and stay in touch!


let me show you WHAT CAN I DO

In just a glance, a display of my style and my latest work. Some self-initiated proposals and those special projects that made me thrive as a professional.


Let me tell you a little story

A personal account on how I changed I shifted from being a multidisciplinary graphic designer to fully exploring my capacities and passions as an artist.


let's stay in touch!

Sharing my experiences, knowledge and interests fuels and enhances my work. Once a month, I like to recount some of my latest discoveries and news.