Hello everyone! This is Miriam, artist and illustrator, former graphic designer, classic cinema enthusiast and food lover from Barcelona recently based in Edinburgh.

I believe my passion for gastronomy started long before I was able to grab a pencil. My very first memories are always related to food at home, with my family. I can see still my grandmother visiting food stalls and watching her pick the best fruits, the most perfect vegetables and the best quality preserves that she loved. I started baking and cooking early on, instilled by my mother, also an avid self taught cook herself.

At the same time, art became an essential form of expression for me, finding in drawing and painting my biggest fulfillment. I studied Graphic Design and, for almost ten years, I worked for small agencies and publishing houses, helping them with editorial, branding and event design. During that time, my client experience and my own resources increased but also my yearning for new challenges and for finding my true voice, professionally.

In 2016, I found myself being deeply inspired by the work of artists, bloggers, photographers and stylists whose practice revolved around food and gastronomy. Quite inevitably, my inspiration became my profession and a determination to create mixed media lifestyle and food illustrations that helped businesses and individuals convey the results and quality of their products and creations that they also felt a deep passion for.

Hope you’ll enjoy my work! Please, feel free to contact me for commissions, collaborations or to simply share your favorite recipe!

If you have any questions, please head over to my FAQ section or send an e-mail to miriam.figueras.c @ gmail.com.

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My everyday goal –borrowed from Harrison Ford

the force is within you. Force yourself.